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Kaleva Park is a place intended for people and companies who appreciate being closer to nature and working in comfort and safety.

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Kaleva Park is a place intended for people and companies who appreciate being closer to nature and working in comfort and safety. We believe that those who will rent our premises share our commitment with regard to the environmental protection and enjoy communicating with nature. It is for them that we are creating this special eco-working space.

Working with pleasure - this is the best you can wish yourself and offer to your employees.

Providing you with light and comfortable offices, we also think a lot about organizing the outdoor space, creating the ambience that will give you the possibility to feel free and move, have a break from the everyday routine. Since the significant part of our life is working, this work must be pleasant.

Kaleva Park possesses a long-time experience in creating infrastructure for production. We will be glad to accept research groups, innovative projects, high-technology productions. You are welcome in our eco-working space.

Make your Business in The Park, in Kaleva Park!
Keep your Company in Green!

Kaleva Park Project


Our class A premises are situated in the natural surroundings with a well-developed infrastructure.

We aim to follow the eco-friendly principle in both senses: man takes care of the environment, and the environment grants him the opportunity of working in comfort.

The territory of Kaleva Park comprises a pond, numerous green zones, recreation and sports areas, as well as the open-air grounds with the electricity supply and Wi-Fi access, allowing to work outside the office. Two car parks are thoughtfully placed at the edge of the Park.

Creating buildings and sites of Kaleva Park, we apply up-to-date energy efficient engineering solutions, large-format glazing in particular.


— Total area is 22 hectares
— Office buildings, each having 2 to 4 floors, with a total area of 52.000 m²
— 3 buildings designed for R&D activities, with a total area of 20.000 m²
— 7 production facilities, with a total area of 56.000 m²
— One open car park for heavy and medium trucks


Kaleva Park is situated in the South-West of Moscow, which is considered to be one of its most developed districts, on the territory of «Novaya Moskva» (New Moscow).

It is accessible by all means of transport:

— 3.5 km from MKAD, the Moscow Automobile Ring Road, by Kaluzhskoe or Kievskoe highways
— 10 min from Vnukovo international airport
— 50 m to the closest bus stop
— 15 min from metro stations «Rumyantzevo», «Salaryevo» и «Tyoplyi Stan»
— 50 m from the nearest bus stop
— 40 min by car from the city centre
— 7 min walk from the metro station «Mosrentgen» (due in 2025)

Novaya Moskva is a fast developing area, which is enjoying support of the city authorities with regard to construction and transport:

— Kaluzhskoe and Kievskoe highways are being renovated, as well as their intersections with MKAD, the Moscow Automobile Ring Road
— New highways, serving to connect the western and southern parts of Moscow and Moscow region, are in the process of construction
— New public transport lines are planned in the area, which will pass by Kaleva Park
— Housing and commercial construction in New Moscow is very active

Master Plan

Kaleva Park covers 22 hectares. It is divided into two functional zones, that is, production facilities and offices,
which are connected by pedestrian paths and bike lines. In the offices area, heavy vehicles are excluded.

— Total construction surface about 200.000 m²
— Total surface for rent over 140.000 m²

— Flexible office planning - possibility to rent ranges from 150 m² units to entire floors or buildings

— Production premises: from a 500 m² unit to an entire building, up to 12.000 m²

Kaleva Park Plan

Kaleva Park Phases

Phase 1

Production premises
— Total area 11.700 m²
— 6 separate production facilities, each having a surface of 1.600 m²
— Administration sector 300 m²

(Due in the first quarter of 2018)

— Total area 1.700 m²
— Open planning
— Possibility to rent by units, from 150 m²

(Due in the first quarter of 2018)


On the territory of Kaleva Park will be placed

— Halls for events / Exhibitions / Training seminars / Talks / Coworking space

— Restaurant / Cafe / Canteens

— Pharmacy / Medical center

— Library

— Bank office

— Child care center

— Sports centre and open sports playgrounds / Beauty salon

— Dry cleaner’s

Technical Specifications

Offices & Production facilities and laboratories


— Slab to slab ceiling height 3.7 m – 4.5 m

— Floor load is 430 kg/m²

— Сentral control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

— Smart anti-fire, smoke exhaust and warning systems

— Ccentralized security system, indoor and outdoor video surveillance

Production facilities and laboratories

— Ceiling height 4 m – 7.5 m; slab to slab height 9 m

— Floor load 8000 kg/m²

— Gate level 0.00 and 1.20

— Possibility to install an overhead crane

— Central control of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems

— Smart anti-fire, smoke exhaust and warning systems

— Possibility to install extra engineering equipment


108820 Moscow, poselenie Mosrentgen, pos. Zavoda Mosrentgen


Tel.: +7 495 780 51 32
Fax: +7 495 339 67 03